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Sunshine Kids - The foundation of a successful life

At Sunshine Kids, we strongly believe that only a safe & secure environment can instill in a child the confidence & enthusiasm vital for growth & development.

The concept of a playschool is relatively new to our society. A playschool essentially plays the role of preparing the child to learn things outside his family at very tender age. At an age when child begin to grasp things, understand languages, identify colors along with a host of other developments, a playschool introduces the child to a vast array of experiences that positively shape up his personality.

We aim to provide a safe & loving environment for the children, which encourages the development of social, emotional, cognitive & motor skills through creative play.

The curriculum is specially designed so as to ensure maximum development for each child using the unique play-way method of learning. For example threading the beads, structuring the building blocks, simple color diffrentiation games, and various art and craft activities. We approach all matters of discipline in a positive manner, & encourage the child in your child.

Invaluable values such as sharing, caring, love for nature, respect for one's culture etc. are inculcated into the little ones with utmost patience & care.

Sunshine Kids is where
  • The foundation of your child's successful life
  • A place to enrich your child's mental & physical growth
  • A home away from home