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Facilities @ Sunshine Kids

To compliment the indoor play facilities, we have some excellent outdoor amenities for the toddlers. They include water play, sand play, swings, slides, the trampoline etc. that aid in the overall physical growth of the child.

Extra-curricular Activities

We believe that exposure to the world around helps the child to grasp things quickly and enhances the child's retaining power. Taking a step in this direction, we take out the children for excursions and different events. Such occasions never cease to inspire a child's curiosity and open up new vistas of life before them.

Parent Participation

A constant interaction with parents and their active participation helps us to understand the development of the child in a much better way. We also have a well-defined evaluation system in place that helps us assess the progress of each and every child on a half yearly basis. To further provide a holistic assessment, we arrange for visits & seminars by qualified professionals which help the parents about nuances in child development.